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Due to COVID-19 most national and international Pitch & Putt competition have been cancelled. So I decided to host the Internet Open WWCCPP. Everyone can join the competition just by creating an account and record your scores.

In 2005 Eero Tarik and I organized the World Interclub League: a global interclub league that allowed the teams to play at home and compare scores against their opponents internationally. The competition was an instant success! Now, 15 years later another global competition for individual players.

You play a round, alone or with others and enter the score on this site. This is done in good faith, which means that you process the score without having a marker sign for your score.


Always keep in mind the local rules regarding COVID-19!


You need an account on this site to participate in the competition. There are no costs attached to this. You can log in with your Facebook or Twitter account, but you can also create an account yourself. Always use the same login method!

Prices / rewards

There is no prize pool, so you play for the honor.

Work in progress

You can already register now and enter scores. Leaderboards will be added in the near future. You can think of day, week and month rankings. You may enter multiple scores per day, these will all appear in the rankings in the first instance. We are still working to filter on only the best score (day, week or month) per player.