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World Wide Corona Competition Pitch & Putt (WWCCPP)

World Wide Corona Competition Pitch & Putt (WWCCPP)

Due to COVID-19 most national and international Pitch & Putt competition have been cancelled. So I decided to host the Internet Open WWCCPP. Everyone can join the competition just by creating an account and record your scores. The competition will start from 1 november 2020, but you can sign up right now and introduce yourself in the forum. Also, you can enter some scores but we will delete them at the end of october 2020.

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Have a look at the courses. Besides contact information also scores from past events, local players and some hole details


Search for a player and see what scores are recorded. Also there's a summary of victories. Check out your factsheet!


Over 100 events are recorded, most of them from the PPBN/NPPB, but international events are added on a regular basis.